Tina Douglas: X, Y, Z Mundi

Place Gallery

Wednesday 24 October 2012 to Saturday 17 November 2012
Opening Saturday 27 October 2012 3-5pm
Art Exhibition previously on at Place Gallery in Richmond precinct, Victoria, Australia. Published by anonymous on Wednesday 05 September 2012.
X, Y, Z Mundi - an installation by Tina Douglas. Analog + digital time and space. 'Mundi' - a term derived from the medieval latin 'Mappa Mundi' mappa (cloth or chart) and mundi (of the world). 'X,Y,Z' - cartesian coordinate system and video game controllers.


Tina Douglas. X,Y, Z Mundi (installation detail)
© All rights reserved Tina Douglas 2012 Australia
Gouache, acetate, magnets Approx. 82cm high x 15 metres long.