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This 2003 album of experimental music (or ‘noise’) was released under the moniker Délire. It drew heavily from sound-based video games I was making at the time alongside my exploration of the visual programming language Pure Data.

Artwork. Germany. 2003.

Escape From Woomera

A controversial game-based project that sought to draw first-person awareness to the inhumane treatment of ‘illegal immigrants’ in Australian detention centers. Some consider this project to be the first ‘documentary game, having appeared in the BBC, NYTimes, The Age, Liberation and Neural Magazine.

Artwork. Germany. 2002.

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Anagram Series

This page documents a series of non-interactive software works designed for continuous play on large plasma screens. Each of the works are intended as a ‘triptych in motion’ comprised of three panels within one display. The compositions evolve very slowly, intended such that if they are glanced at they will appear as a static image.

Artwork. Germany. 2006.

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TAKEN (something crawled in) 2005

watercolour on paper 107.0 x 104.0 cm inscribed lower left: TAKEN (something crawled in) / IIII IIII II inscribed verso: eX de Medici / November 2005

Artwork. Australia. 2005.

The Walls Art Space

Last Resort: Alrey Batol, Domenico De Clario, Abbey McCulloch, Athena Thebus. Curated by Rebecca Ross

Opening night performance by Domenico De Clario 'Gift (Last Resort)' from 6.02 pm Saturday November 22 (new moon set) until 5.15 am Sunday November 23 (new moon rise)

Saturday 22 November 2014 to Saturday 13 December 2014
Opening: Saturday 22 November 2014

Art exhibition in Queensland, Australia