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William Yang: Distances

William Yang is a photographer, performance artist and writer and has been practicing since the late 1960s. His first solo exhibition in 1977, Sydneyphiles, was a frank depiction of the Sydney party scene and the emerging gay community.

Artwork. Australia.

Justene Williams: Crutch Dance

Justene Williams creates still and moving imagery in her ‘lens-based’ practice. She interrogated the camera as ‘a machine for making images’ in her earlier works, which blurred the objects under the camera’s gaze, exploring different ‘marginal’ or suburban archetypes, and now, more recently, creates works that play across the boundaries between performance, portraiture and fashion.

Artwork. Australia.

Emma White: Tautology 1,2,3 (after Morandi) Tautological Recepticals (after Morandi)

Katie Dwyer, Curator of Primavera 2010, at the MCA, wrote: “Emma White creates thrilling moments of revelation with her art works that celebrate the unnoticed. At first her pieces can be hard to discern.

Artwork. Australia.

Hossein Valamanesh: The Lover Circles His Own Heart

Hossein Valamanesh emigrated from Iran to Australia in 1973. He graduated from the School of Fine Art and Painting in Tehran in 1970 and once in Australia began further studies, graduating in 1977 from the South Australian School of Art.

Artwork. Australia.

Esme Timbery: Shellworked Slippers

Constructed from mixed media and adorned with shells, these tiny slippers exemplify traditional Indigenous craft practices of La Perouse, a headland on the shores of Botany Bay with a large Aboriginal population.

Artwork. Australia.

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