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The Museum of Modern Art - MoMA

Cut to Swipe

Cut to Swipe, comprised primarily of recent acquisitions by the Department of Media and Performance Art, features works that appropriate and manipulate images and sound drawn from electronic media like television, cinema, the recording industry, and the Internet.

Saturday 11 October 2014 to Sunday 22 March 2015

Art exhibition in New York, United States

Mailbox Art Space

Rohan Wealleans: In space no one can hear you collect rocks

23.10.14-29.11.14 Opening Thursday 23rd of October, 6-8pm.

Featuring Rohan Wealleans.

Thursday 23 October 2014 to Saturday 29 November 2014
Opening: Thursday 23 October 2014

Art exhibition in Victoria, Australia

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Lamington Drive

Graveyard Shift

Lamington Drive is pleased to present Graveyard Shift, a large-scale typographic installation by Sydney-based artist Gemma O’Brien.

Thursday 04 September 2014 to Saturday 27 September 2014
Opening: Thursday 04 September 2014

Art exhibition in Australia

Lamington Drive

The Dress

More information on The Dress will be announced soon!

Saturday 01 November 2014 to Saturday 08 November 2014

Art exhibition in Victoria, Australia

Lamington Drive


In her first solo exhibition, Eirian Chapman will showcase large-scale print tapestries of female saints across four elements: land, sea, sky and space.

Thursday 02 October 2014 to Saturday 25 October 2014
Opening: Thursday 02 October 2014

Art exhibition in Victoria, Australia

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Art Opportunity closing Friday 24 October 2014

Bar Tur Photobook Award 2014

Art Opportunity closing Thursday 30 October 2014

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red gallery: artist studio

Art Opportunity closing Friday 31 October 2014


Art Opportunity closing Friday 07 November 2014

How Artists Succeed

Art Opportunity closing Monday 15 December 2014

Art Stars

Art Opportunity closing Saturday 20 December 2014

RRF: New Grants for Artists

Art Opportunity closing Tuesday 03 March 2015

2014 International Feature Photographer Competition

Art Opportunity closing Wednesday 15 April 2015