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The Museum of Modern Art - MoMA

Nicholas Nixon: Forty Years of The Brown Sisters

In August 1974, Nick Nixon made a photograph of his wife, Bebe, and her three sisters. He wasn’t pleased with the result and discarded the negative. In July 1975 he made one that seemed promising enough to keep.

Saturday 22 November 2014 to Sunday 04 January 2015

Art exhibition in New York, United States

Centre For Creative Arts, La Trobe University

Re-structure 2014 Conference

Budget cuts proposed by the Abbott government have instigated a proliferation of restructures across the public sector.

Wednesday 01 January 2014 to Wednesday 01 January 2014

Art exhibition in Victoria, Australia

Centre For Creative Arts, La Trobe University

Symposium on Indigenous Screen Performance

The symposium recognises the outstanding contribution that Indigenous writers, directors and actors are making to Australian film, television and theatre with a particular focus on Redfern Now, The Gods of Wheat St and Tim Winton's The Turning. Participants include Leah Purcell, Tony Birch, Jon Bell and Jub Clerc who have multiple credits as writers, directors and/or actors.

Monday 10 November 2014 to Monday 10 November 2014

Art exhibition in Victoria, Australia

Sydney Festival

Carriageworks in association with Sydney Festival presents Zhang Huan

Carriageworks in association with Sydney Festival presents Zhang Huan: Sydney Buddha by renowned Chinese artist Zhang Huan, featuring two 5-metre tall sculptures created from 20 tonnes of ash and aluminium

Featuring Zhang Huan.

Thursday 08 January 2015 to Sunday 15 March 2015

Art exhibition in New South Wales, Australia

Tate Modern

ARTIST ROOMS: Robert Mapplethorpe – Tate Modern

This three-room display presents the work of American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, who was renowned for his black and white images of his friends and other celebrities within the New York art world.

Featuring Robert Mapplethorpe.

Sunday 11 May 2014 to Sunday 26 October 2014

Art exhibition in City of London, United Kingdom

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Bar Tur Photobook Award 2014

Art Opportunity closing Thursday 30 October 2014

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red gallery: artist studio

Art Opportunity closing Friday 31 October 2014


Art Opportunity closing Friday 07 November 2014

How Artists Succeed

Art Opportunity closing Monday 15 December 2014

Art Stars

Art Opportunity closing Saturday 20 December 2014

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Eleventh annual SNAP TO GRID: the UN-Juried Exhibit - every entry shown!

Art Opportunity closing Saturday 03 January 2015

RRF: New Grants for Artists

Art Opportunity closing Tuesday 03 March 2015

2014 International Feature Photographer Competition

Art Opportunity closing Wednesday 15 April 2015